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From Gunner to Infantryman is a brilliant and enthralling account of a soldier’s time spent serving for 159 Battery Royal  Artillery in Malaya during the Malayan Emergency Declared in 1947. In his account, Nobby Hutchings steps back into his memories to retell vivid memories of the action and experiences he had as a young soldier. The voice of Nobby Hutchings is conveyed in an elegant and un-academic prose with a narrative power that is novelistic.

“I was just plain little Nobby Hutchings; here I am now, known as 19042434 Gunner Hutchings A.C. and dropped in the middle of Malaya.”

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Nobby Hutchings is currently retired and a founder of the Malayan Borneo Veterans branch in Colchester. He was born in Ipswich and has spent time serving with both 159 Battery Royal Artillery and the Suffolk Regiment known as the Royal Anglian Regiment today.

This site is dedicated to his memories and to those who served with him. Please visit the Gallery Page to view photographs he has provided from his vast library, not all of which we were able to include in the book From Gunner to Infantryman.

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5 Responses to Open Here

  1. Paul Hutchings says:

    Grandad i’m so proud of you, I can’t wait to read the book in the New Year I know i’m not going to be able to put it down. All my best wishes Paul (25121647 Cpl Hutchings)

  2. Derrick Palmer says:

    I have been a friend of Nobby’s for over 70 years; in fact his family and mine were neighbours in Ipswich from the mid 1930s. For many years he has held the desire to write, and to have published, memories of his military service in Malaya with the Royal Artillery. For all ex-servicemen that served in Malaya during this period I feel sure his book will undoubtedly rekindle many memories. The many photographs that Nobby has of his time in the Far East graphically illustrate what life was like in the Plantations of Malaya. Well done Nobby, wishing you every success with your enterprise.

  3. Louise Bedford says:

    Hey Grandad xx so so proud of you! Can’t wait to start reading your book…what an achievement xx see you soon love you loads Lou xx

  4. William Clive Boyles says:

    I have tried to open the paypal to order this book, it wont let me can you send me details of how to obtain this book

    Clive Boyles MSM PJM
    Late Royal Artillery

    • sulmax says:

      Under the image of the book there is a “Buy It Now” button if you were to click on that, it would send you to PayPal and order details.

      If this still dosn’t work please contact us asap.

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